Behind the Scenes

FROM THE BEGINNING we wanted to be minimal, because in the beginning, everything was minimal. The Earth was resourceful, everything was in abundance and now, the resources are diminishing and yet, WE don’t have enough. So I thought of writing a play that professes sustainable living and is also presented in a sustainable way. Which wasn’t easy because the story jumps in time and constantly changes locations. So we listed down the props that could be used as different things in different scenes. We purchased them from Charity shops and secondhand stores to avoid buying anything new and we build the set using foam blocks so that we could create different structures with ease. These blocks are made from factory waste and can be easily repainted for future productions. Being minimalist in the design, allowed us to focus more on telling the story and extracting a natural performance from the actors, which is what theatre is all about. I hope other artists and creatives feel inspired and create their own art in a sustainable and simplistic way. That’s our mission and I hope we succeed in that. See you on the stage.

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