A Children’s Story for Adults

Once upon a time…

It was a late afternoon of a sunny day in October. I was sitting on a bench with a notepad, thinking what should I write. Nothing came to my mind, so I closed the notepad and looked around. I saw a massive beech tree with a broad trunk and fallen leaves around it’s base. Beneath the branches of this tree, I could see the fading Sun, going away from me so that he could shine on the other side of the world. I could smell the musky scent of the autumn leaves and suddenly, a raindrop fell on my eyes. That moment, I realised, that nature talks to us – through her warmth, through the rain and through the gentle breeze that ruffles our hair. I opened my notepad and started scribbling, and before I knew, I had a play about a boy who talks to Earth and Earth talks to him as well.

The play is a reminiscent of the mystical and curious connection we have with nature as a child and why it’s important to nurture this connection as we grow up. Hence, a children’s story for adults.